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Our History

Glasses Share was founded in 2019, specialized in an all new-retail eyewear business. In 1996, a family enterprise was founded by Iris Liu’s father specializing in the production of optical frames. In 2007, Iris took over full responsibility of the company and she went on to establish the Oriental Import and Export Company. In 2013, turnover had achieved US$10 million and employed over 100 team members. 
From 2015, Iris began a new venture to support the retail optical sector spending over 5 years perfecting the products, the quality, and ancillary support services. In 2020, she was ready to establish Wenzhou Glasses Share Company and Wenzhou Glasses Share Technology Company. Glasses Share Technology specializes in Web 3D Virtual Try-On systems including smart optometry machines, 3D Virtual Try-On optical & sunglasses auto vending machines. The Glasses Share Company focuses on providing a one stop shopping service for eyewear products. 

Eyewear one stop service

Glasses Share specialized in eyewear designing, R&D, production, and customer service. Providing a one stop service for eyewear distributors and larger retail groups all over the world.

Developing strategy

In 2019, the Wenzhou government gathered the main eyewear manufactures into one main area of the city that is locally known as Glasses Town. As the head enterprise, The Glasses Share Company received great support from the local government. By developing new strategies, we have now built-up strategy relationships with over 10 partners from different countries. This cooperation continues to expand year on year.

Our Mission

Glasses Share has upgraded the traditional business model of high MOQ, long lead time and high-risk product for stock into a company that provide low MOQ, fast selling beautifully crafted and designed ex-stock eyewear. This reduces long leadtime, and above all provides zero over stock risks for customers. Glasses Share provide totally new and innovative designs of desirable eyewear product that will greatly improve the business of all partners. 

Our Production

Every month, Glasses Share will study over 50 all new models from its own dedicated design team. The cooperated partners who work with Glasses Share will participate in initial design discussions and will be invited for their comments and input.
The next step will be to produce pre-production samples and send them to our partners to do their own quality testing and marketing. After final approvals and amendments, Glasses Share will begin production of the confirmed designs to produce the stocked ready goods. Orders without MOQ will then be invited from all partners. Currently, we are working with Acetate, CP, Stainless steel material and we will expand to more material categories as time goes on.
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